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Synergy strives to bring experienced yoga professionals to you so that you can share their wisdom and experiences with fellow students and instructors. For more information about the following upcoming workshops, please contact us.

Yoga for Low Back Pain Relief
& Understanding Common Causes of Low Back Discomfort

Saturday, April 19, 2014
2:00 - 4:00 pm

led by Nanda Downes, RYT

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$35 per person

Approximately 80% of the US population will experience back pain at some point in their life. Whether you are currently living with low back pain or you would like to avoid low back pain, join this workshop to learn more about common causes due to muscle tightness or weakness.

This workshop will include a brief discussion of activities that tend to increase low back discomfort, as well as methods for relieving and avoiding future low back pain. We will also cover variations of common yoga poses that can be easily incorporated to allow you to get the most out of your yoga practice without aggravating your back. Finally, concluding with a short yoga sequence that can be easily accomplished at home between your regular yoga classes!

This workshop will address back pain associated with muscle tightness and weakness and will not address back pain due to spinal alignment or degeneration. If you experience back pain due to either of these causes, please consult with your physician before registering for the class. Please be sure to discuss these and any past back injuries with the instructor prior to the beginning of the workshop to ensure you get the most out of the class as possible.

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