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Immersive Study Option

                          & Continuing Education for the RYT

For those who are interested in a serious, immersive study of yoga, its traditions and texts, and specific aspects of yoga philosophy and practice, we offer a stepped-down program that provides limited aspects of our Yoga Teacher Training program. You will receive a Studio Study Notebook, and access to specific training weekends, in addition to weekends limited to this program. Textbooks are optional, and may be purchased through the studio.

To be clear: immersive study alone will not result in certification; you will not be eligible for registration with YA; nor will you be sufficiently trained to teach any yoga class.

Continuing Education for Certified Yoga Teachers:

This immersive study, however, is ideal for continuing education. Thus, we offer our program to registered RYTs as continuing education toward YA requirements. You may earn up to 50 contact hours of CEU through this program (30 minimum), plus student teaching experience in our live studio Community Class.


This "half-training" is ideal for the RYT who, perhaps, feels s/he needs more support in developing an appropriate and skilled yoga teaching/classroom presence, more practical study and applied understanding of yoga anatomy, more focused study of aspects of the tradition, and more training to fill in skill gaps.

Immersive Study Option includes focus on:

Yoga Philosophy


Deep Relaxation

Meditation Practice

Texts of the Tradition

Ayurveda Overview

Surya Namaskar

Continuing Ed for the RYT includes the above, and adds:

Practicum sessions (applied study & practice, including Community Class teaching)

Select pose breakdowns to reinforce cueing skills

Sequencing (to reinforce smooth & safe transitions, & intuitive flow)

Teaching Creatively (to build your confidence and leave the 'script' behind)

Yoga Anatomy

Command of Sanskrit for asanas and other yogic practices

COST: $1,500 (Can be broken into three consecutive, monthly payments.)

This training begins in January 2020, and continues through June 2020, with student teaching opportunities continuing through the summer.

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