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Private Yoga Instruction

A private yoga session will complement your studio practice in a variety of ways.  Your instructor can work with you on specific areas of your practice, exploring approaches to your asana, pranayama and meditation unique to you.


Private focus enables both student and instructor to concentrate on particular challenges, needs and goals, so the student may continue to progress with renewed intention and refined technique whether practicing at home or in the studio.


We highly recommend you invest in a private session not fewer than six or eight weeks after you have begun your practice. This ensures your familiarity with basic instruction and fundamental practice, so your one-on-one work with your instructor can be devoted to refinements, and adjustments specific to you. You will be better equipped to ask questions about your own experience once you have spent some time receiving studio class instruction. We want to be certain your private investment provides you with optimal return.


Private instruction also greatly benefits the advancing yoga student, who may have very specific questions about developing his/her practice, as well as the student who has specific physical needs or challenges resulting from injury, surgery, chronic condition, or long-term commitment to a particular sport.


For the student who simply prefers a quiet, private studio space, this option is also available.


Clients willing to invest in multiple private sessions are eligible for a discount.

Please inquire directly at the studio, or email us through the 'CONTACT US' link on this website with the subject line: PRIVATE YOGA. Thank you!

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