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Synergetic Commencing

Synergy is launching a platform for voices from our community of practice to be heard, and we're calling it 'Synergetic.' Okay, yes, it's another blog in a digital sea of opinions and articles...but we're thinking this is a great way for many folks to get to know us and each other more intimately, more individually.

We've been incredibly inspired by the words and stories of several folks in RVA and beyond. And now, more than ever, we feel the act of creating and fostering a space for authentic voices to be heard, and personal truths to be shared is vitally important. Consider this a humble and heartfelt gesture of karma.

We also hope to foster intelligent discussion about the yoga we know, the world in which we practice, and the need for real wisdom and clarity in our culture of noise and saturation. (Even if some of that noise is a really good time...!)

We are, first and foremost, yoga in the classical sense, and with that, we have always sought to build and strengthen community, even as we encourage deep self-discovery. Synergetic will draw from our many talented instructors, as well as members of our community, and guests far and wide, who wish to offer insights, share experience, express opinions, and encourage others.

We are growing, even as we endure a pandemic, and bear witness to hosts of natural disasters, as well as devastating acts of violence in communities across the country. We are a strong, authentic community, and we are absolutely so much more together than the simple sum of our parts. Synergetic is synergy, energy, amity, sagacity....and, yes, a form of duty.

Do not look to this page for typical 'yoga posts' about individual poses or retreats or studio promotions (we have other pages for that!); here we will extend that sense of community we value so much at Synergy, and encourage real communication and meaningful discussion.

Got a message? An opinion? A question for your Synergy yoga community? A desire to lift your authentic voice? If you're interested in contributing, send us a message through the website 'CONTACT US' email form.

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