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Synergy Italian Retreat 2019.jpg

Here's a preview of our beautiful villas, atop a Tuscan hill, overlooking groves of olive trees and vineyards. In the evening, a small, charming, Italian village twinkles with light in the distance. 

Picture yourself relaxing by the pool, or enjoying 'water yoga'! Every morning, yoga on the lawn, breakfast with a fabulous, Italian view, sunset meditation in the hills of Tuscany, sipping local wine on the patio....and so much more.

Add to this the history amd magic of Florence, nearby Arezzo, and storied Assisi.

Synergy Yoga RVA in Italy! Our agriturismo! Look at that gorgeous Tuscan countryside!
Bet you can you almost taste your Italian breakfast! (After morning yoga, of course!) Synergy Yoga RVA
Because European bathrooms are so chic. Synergy Yoga RVA in Italy
From the lawn of our villas! Synergy Yoga RVA in Italy!
Imagine lounging here with your fellow yoga travelers, enjoying locally produced Italian wine! Synergy Yoga RVA in Italy
Charming accommodations in the Tuscan style. Synergy Yoga RVA in Italy
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