Welcome, loved, safe, able...


That's what you are at Synergy, whoever you are, wherever you come from.


Synergy Yoga Studio is unique to Richmond for many reasons. We are among the oldest yoga studios in Richmond, having been established in 2001.


We are an affiliate of the Himalayan Institute, home of Yoga International, and as such, uphold the highest standards of yoga study and instruction in a warm, caring, non-competitive environment. We believe yoga is for everyone, young and old, regardless of size or shape, not just the physically fit and flexible. 


And our studio is boutique in every respect; we're a little bohemian, a little eclectic, a little upscale, a little down-home. We take our yoga seriously, but not ourselves.

We are also nationally accredited through Yoga Alliance as a center for yoga teacher training, and continuing yoga education.


We seek to share time-honored instruction and practices that connect the mind, body, and spirit, and we are equipped to respond to your needs, wherever you are in your yoga practice. Our classes are designed to promote your practice from introductory instruction through advanced and deeply meditative engagement.  

Mostly, though, we genuinely seek community with you. Because community makes Synergy a special place.