What to Expect As Your Practice Begins, and Develops


It is essential that you be kind and loving to yourself by accepting where you are in your yoga journey.  Yoga is not about competition, but about self-development over time.


With self-awareness (svadyaya), dedication (tapas) and commitment (Ishvara pranidhana) to your practice, you will realize numerous benefits including greater energy, fitness and flexibility, reduced stress and increased muscle tone.


Over time, you will experience increased mental clarity, focus, and a deep sense of calm, well-being, self-control, and confidence.


Once you master the basics, we invite you to deepen your practice with more challenging classes that focus on specific aspects of yoga and the body. We find many students also benefit greatly from focused, private instruction as they grow in their practice and explore challenges unique to their own development.


Yoga is a lifestyle and a discipline. Its benefits are proven, and its rewards are measurable.  But as with any endeavor that requires commitment, you will find your practice, and its resulting gifts, will develop in direct proportion to the time and effort you give yourself to pursue them.


Your experience coming to yoga will be unique, and we are committed to making that process an important, highly beneficial part of your life...and ours.