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Workingman's Yoga is a men's class. We're talking about real guys, who work real jobs, have families, responsibilities, sports they enjoy, and who may have a distant, tentative notion about what yoga can actually do for them.

Practicing on a regular basis will net real, cumulative gains. What does this actually mean in a practical sense? Consider:

You will be able to touch your toes. Easily.

You will experience a lot less chronic back, neck, shoulder, and/or hip pain.

You will improve physical balance.

You will sleep more soundly.

You will lower your blood pressure.

You will be less affected by the stress in your life.

You will likely lose weight.

You will likely enjoy an improvement in the quality of physical intimacy.

You will be able to move, bend, crouch, & reach with greater ease (think: working on cars, repairs around your house, yardwork, etc.)

You will greatly reduce your risk of injury as a result of physical activity.

You will become a better golfer or tennis player: better swing, more power, greater spinal mobility, greater agility, less risk of injury.

You will become a better cyclist or runner: greater hip, shoulder, & spinal mobility, greater core strength, less tightness in hamstrings & calves, more efficient lung function, more rapid recovery from workouts, less risk of injury.

In all things, you will experience a more mindful presence in your day to day life.

We meet on Mondays at 5:45 PM. No previous experience necessary. You DO NOT need to be athletic, flexible, or spiritually enlightened. Simple, direct instruction. Give us six weeks; your life will change in really good ways.

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