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Welcome to Synergy


We are yoga. At the core of our practice and our mission is the happy union of mind, body, breath and spirit in the revered Himalayan tradition. Our hallmark is classical, hatha yoga, the bedrock of practice from which all yoga styles are sprung.


Synergy implies a whole greater than the sum of the parts it contains.  So it is with our community of practice. Our instructors and professional staff come together to form a supportive, unified, growth-oriented synergy of purpose. And we are eager to share that synergy with you at an individual level.


No matter where you are on your path of practice - just beginning, experimenting and expanding, or intentionally, meditatively deepening - we warmly and happily welcome you. Walk through our open door to find calm, response, safety, expertise, joy....and a variety of classes that suit your needs, your ability, your intention.


There is a place for you here. 

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