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Alphabetical listing of Synergy studio classes by title. Class descriptions are provided to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what to expect when you visit our studio. We encourage you to try a variety of classes, but be aware of the levels and challenges each of these classes presents. All classes are 75 minutes unless otherwise noted. Online registration for classes you wish to attend is strongly encouraged!






Balance ( Fridays 11:00 AM) VIRTUAL ONLY DURING COVID

This class focuses primarily on approaches to balance postures, and cultivates related attention to mindful aspects of balance in practice. Using stability balls (a.k.a. bosu balance balls), barres, weights, and various other props, this class explores and challenges your physical balance in unexpected ways, while refining alignment that promotes balance and good posture. Suitable for most. Class is ONE HOUR.


Journey into a quiet, meditative, deep-stretch practice by 'candlelight.' Release the connective tissues through time-honored poses held for three to five minutes each. Yin Yoga encourages deep release into each pose with a focus on the breath as a tool for release, while being mindful of the body and what it is capable of in the present moment. A variety of props are used to ease and deepen poses. 

Yin is a wonderful complement to traditional hatha yoga and any power or cardio routine in that this practice encourages deep-muscle stretch and release of fascia. Students often speak of opening of joints, and release of chronic tightness in the low back, shoulders, hips, and hamstrings.

Chandra/Surya Namaskar (Pop-up class offering - check schedule for availability)

This class honors hatha practice roots, and the encompassing, cyclical nature of Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar. This practice offers a predictable class arc, including a brief centering and warm-up, followed by Surya Namaskar A, B, and C, interspersed or followed by Chandra Namaskar. Class closes with a brief inversion and meditation.

Community Class - Special Class (Select Sundays 4:00 - 5:00 PM, PLEASE CHECK SCHEDULE)

This progressive (mixed level) class usually meets on the first Sunday of the month, and is typically staffed by our highly capable teachers-in-training. Experienced RYTs are also present to observe and assist. When not in use for student teaching, we may use this class to try out new class ideas and formats. Either way, you become a participant in a vital studio growth process! Suitable for all levels. Class cost: $5.

Core Strengthening (Thursday 6:00 PM) VIRTUAL ONLY DURING COVID

Fire up your core strength and build heat from within. This class focuses on the body’s core (shoulders to knees) with emphasis on proper alignment and relatively demanding, strength-building asanas. By connecting breath with movement, this class also promotes cardiovascular fitness and emphasizes pranayama (breath work and breath efficiency). Empowers the body and spirit by cultivating both physical and mental strength. This practice is equal parts calming and challenging. 

Fox and Kit Yoga (Class times/days vary according to availability - Please check schedule)

Mom (or Dad) gets a yoga class, and a little break, while kiddo enjoys an age-appropriate yoga class all his/her own! Side-by-side studios, concurrent classes. Our children's yoga teachers possess experience working with children in private care, classroom education, special needs, and daycare settings. Class sizes limited. Special pricing applies.

Fundamentals (Monday 10:00 am; Wednesday 6:00 pm; Saturday 10:00 am) 


Alignment based, emphasizing basic postures, and the development of core strength.  Fundamental classes incorporate more basic, functional instruction and plenty of verbal cueing designed to ensure students understand proper form and safety. 


This class is ideal for new and continuing students who want to establish correct methods, and to build and maintain strength and flexibility. Highly recommended for students new to yoga, students returning to yoga after a hiatus, or students in the mood for a solid refresher on proper alignment and form.  

A fundamental class can still provide any student with an appropriate challenge and, more importantly, a solid base from which to grow and develop a personal practice.

Gentle Restorative Yoga (Tuesday 5:30 PM) VIRTUAL ONLY DURING COVID

This class is ideal for anyone recovering from physical challenges, illness, injury, surgery, or anyone dealing with specific health considerations/limitations. Restorative yoga helps facilitate the body's own natural healing process. Gentle yoga postures are modified to meet students' specific needs.

This class is also a good alternative to any Fundamental class, and is absolutely suitable for a beginning yoga student. 

Restorative yoga can also be a wonderful (and sometimes necessary) change of pace for those whose practice is routinely rigorous. The advanced practitioner can benefit from the mindful focus of this comforting class.


Yoga bliss + a Grateful Dead playlist

For working men AND women. No previous experience necessary. You DO NOT need to be athletic, flexible, or fluent in Sanskrit. Simple, direct instruction. Chill space, chill class, chill music, chill friends. Give us six weeks; your life will change in really good ways.

Low Down Stretch (Thursday 10:00 AM) VIRTUAL ONLY DURING COVID

In this practice, you will remain low on the floor (back, belly, hands/knees, seat), while engaging deeper and prolonged stretching. Experience poses in a way that enables YOU to control intensity and challenge. Makes limited use of props to modify or deepen postures. Practice unfolds at a moderate, mindful pace. Occasional use of free weights in this class. Suitable for all fitness levels.

(Develop Your) Power Vinyasa Flow (Saturday 8:30 AM) PRIMARILY VIRTUAL DURING COVID 

An invigorating, but thoroughly accessible vinyasa, suitable for most people. For anyone who wants to build confidence in their ability to flow steadily, align properly, and develop power and stamina. Modifications provided to ease poses. Challenges provided for those who wish to deepen their practice. Breath-centering pauses between segments that build in intensity. Expect to burn some calories, and boost endorphins! Be assured that you are safe and able in this class. You CAN handle this power flow.

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga (Select Dates TBA - Please check schedule)

Our prenatal/postpartum yoga class is designed to help expectant mothers cultivate a focused mind-body awareness, positive intentions and an improved sense of well-being for both mom and baby.
Techniques taught in class will help mothers-to-be release and relax through labor and delivery. Additional benefits include hormonal balancing, focused pranayama (yogic breathing for pregnancy) and cultivation of a relaxed central nervous system for both mom and baby.
Our prenatal series places additional focus on the second chakra, the energetic seat of feeling, sensuality and creativity, and the place where baby resides in utero, but also where vital and relevant autonomic functions for mom are centered.


New moms may continue to attend this class with their newborns in our calming, serene space, continuing their practice, which benefits the body's return to pre-pregnancy function, and supports new moms through this special, transitional phase.
Connect with a beautiful community of pregnant and postpartum women. Create space and length and build strength physically and emotionally. Share your journey of practice and the powerful process of preparation in becoming a mother.

Social Barre Yoga (Wednesday 6:45 PM) VIRTUAL ONLY DURING COVID

Combines hatha yoga, pilates and ballet postures using ballet barres for a highly effective, low-impact workout.  Also makes use of free weights for upper body engagement.  Barre yoga improves posture, increases muscle definition and flexibility, promotes balance and core strength, and is highly effective for weight loss.  This class will make you sweat and burn in the best way!  Suitable for all fitness levels.  Suitable for men and women...this class does not discriminate on the basis of gender!

Note also that this class does not necessarily adhere to the centering, introspective nature of traditional yoga practice. We have fun, play popular music, and encourage each other. It's a nice change of pace for your midweek! After class, we'll all head over to a local restaurant together....why not? It's social.


This 60-minute class offers a brief series of gentle yoga stretches, soothing centering, and breath awareness exercises followed by guided meditation and yoga nidra.

For the nidra, you will be set up in a deeply restorative, reclining pose, supported by bolsters, and gently covered with a weighted blanket. This experience is complemented by sound bath, and aromatherapy.


Yoga nidra, commonly referred to as 'yogic sleep,' is a powerful and highly accessible meditation technique, and is regarded as one of the easiest of yoga practices. Resting comfortably in savasana, you will be led through a systematic meditation that is said to provide the equivalent restful and refreshing benefit of a two-hour nap. 

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